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In the latest edition of “Amor y Fuego”, the former member of “Agua Bella”, Giuliana Rengifo, assured that Alfredo Zambrano never treated her as something temporary butwith a view to having a formal relationship, because he treated her with a lot of love and affection.

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He would pick me up at the airport when I came on a trip. Really, it was a normal, calm relationship, only that I am a public figure, he was always super affectionate with me, he was very detailed, how he always is at the beginning of a relationship “narrowed down

Giuliana Rengifo said that Alfredo Zambrano would not have made their romance public to protect her from Magaly Medina’s comments.

“I think she did it to take care of her, because obviously she is Magaly Medina. (…) I think she is hurt, but it was a relationship that happened a long time ago and what happened in a relationship remains between the two.

Alfredo Zambrano sent a notarial letter to Janet Barboza for calling him “Penguino” and suggesting that he was unfaithful

As Magaly Medina had advanced, Alfredo Zambrano sent a notarized letter to Janet Barboza for his controversial statements where he calls him a “penguin” and hints that he would have been unfaithful to the show host.

The presenter of “América Hoy” used her account Instagram to share with his followers the document sent by the notary. “When you insult and damage, but nobody tells you anything”, he wrote when showing the notarized letter.

In the document, the husband of the ATV figure considers that Janet Barboza attributed defamatory conduct to him by slipping that he was unfaithful to the ‘Urraca’ with Giuliana Rengifoin addition to referring to his person in an aggravating way in a public way by calling him ‘penguin’.

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alfredo zambrano He considers that said statements by ‘Rulitos’ harm his honor and good reputation, for which he gives him a period of 24 hours to rectify himself.

Please serve this to request that within 24 hours, counted from receiving this, I rectify the aggravating statements made to the detriment of my person, rectification that must be made through the media and proportionally to the damage caused”, the document reads.