Alice Detollenaere released from a huge weight: the “super news” from Camille Lacourt’s companion

Almost a month after her preventive operation on her right breast, Alice Detollenaere announced good news to her fans on her Instagram account. Freed from a weight, she shares her joy and relief.

“End clap” for Alice Detollenaere. Almost a month ago, Camille Lacourt’s companion was on her way to the hospital to undergo a preventive operation. After courageously overcoming her breast cancer, she made the decision to limit the risk of a recurrence by having her right breast removed. A decision far from easy to make for the model, who was then afraid of the look that others might have on her body, before thinking of her son Marius, born in June 2021. While she wanted to take advantage of the beautiful moments that life has in store for him alongside the little boy and Camille Lacourt, Alice Detollenaere has finally taken the plunge, supported by her darling.

After having shared her long weeks of recovery after her operation, on Tuesday March 22, the model took over her Instagram account to share“great news”. I just had my last appointment at the Institut Curie to show my breast, and have the results of the analysis of what was removed, but I had no doubts that it was not going to reveal anything since it was a preventive operation”she confided, before declaring, happy: I will never need to do a mammogram again so I’m super happy. A relief for Alice Detollenaere who specifies that she will only have to do“a control ultrasound from time to time but no more MRI or mammography”.

Alice Detollenaere “relieved” since her operation

Inspired by Angelina Jolie, Alice Detollenaere has made her Instagram account a place of speech where she shares with her subscribers her experience of breast cancer, but also of her double mastectomy. The companion of Camille Lacourt hopes to speak to the “women who are afraid to have their diseased breast removed”as was the case for her “two years ago”. Aware that “when you have gone through traumatic stages of the disease, you don’t want to go back there”she confided on his experience of “the second operation”which according to her, “has nothing to do with the first”. “It is the result of a choice and not a necessity, it’s only a bonus. I’m happy and relieved to have done it”she admitted.


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