Alice Pol: This mental disorder that ruined her childhood

Through Laura D’Angelo

– Published on Jan 26, 2023 at 08:30

Invited to La Bande Originale on France Inter, Alice Pol looks back on her difficult childhood and her mental disorder.

Alice Pol is today a successful actress. Aged 40, the actress has made a place for herself in the cinema but also in the theater. Alongside Dany Boon, she plays in many movies and thus becomes the filmmaker’s little protege. But nothing predisposed the actress to success. Indeed, this Wednesday, January 25, 2023, she was the guest of The original band of France Inter, hosted by Nagui. The opportunity for her to talk about her childhood. ” At school, were you the funny one?“, asks the host. Alice Pol’s answer will then surprise the listeners. ” No way ! I was… I don’t mean autistic because from a medical point of view, I have not been diagnosed, but very sincerely, there was something wrong“, she confides.

Alice Pol confides in her childhood

The opportunity to confide in his disorder. She remembers being a child completely cut off from communication with others » and who had « much trouble to be sociable. I was sickly shy, she says. Fortunately, Alice Pol will find a way to express herself. ” As soon as I went on stage, I revealed myself, I was another person, as soon as I had poems, essays. As soon as it had a link with the imaginary, I transcended myself“. A testimony that echoes that of Louane. Guest on the set of It’s up to youthe day before, the artist confided in her mental disorder. “As a child, this translates into excessive behavior, particularly in a setting where you need calm, a concentration that is very small and which must be hyper stimulated and which, in my time, is absolutely not”.

Isolated, Louane will often be alone. One day your nanny hears someone talking on the radio about ADHD and she recognizes you. She talks about it to your mom and it is the start of appointments, tests, psychologists, speech therapists but above all a diagnosis and medication. I have no friends because I am, in the eyes of others, unbearable. Because I move, because during class I talk out loud as if I were all alone, because I can’t hold myself, because when I read, I lose track of what I’m doing to read when I try with all my strength to do so. It sucks kid. Strangely, today, it’s one of my greatest strengths “.