Alice Taglioni happy but anxious mother, secrets about her family life



In an interview with the magazine “ELLE”, published this Thursday, Alice Taglioni confided in her three children.

Alice Taglioni indulged in a few confidences. In an interview published Thursday, July 7 in the columns of the magazine “SHE “, the actress opened her heart and spoke of her three children, “the center of all [sa] life”. Charlie (13 years old) was born of her romance with actor Jocelyn Quivrin, who died in November 2009 of a road accident, and Swann (6 years old) and Lino (2 and a half years old), born of her relationship with Laurent Delahousse.

“I don’t even have words, it’s crazy. It is thanks to them that I am a happy woman. And at the same time, it is because of two that I am afraid all the time, that I take my head, because the life of a parent is horrible, in fact, ”she confided. “When you bring your child into the world, especially the first, it’s a punch in the face. No more recklessness, lightness, ”added the 45-year-old actress, before blaming the people magazines which publish stolen photos of her family every summer, lounging on the beaches of Cap-Ferret. “They are always very benevolent but what interest? What does that reveal?” she wondered.

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Alice Taglioni formalized her love affair with the presenter of the France 2 television news in 2014, by appearing on the front page of Paris Match. She can now count on the support of her dear and tender, especially when she plays the piano in front of an audience.