Alicia (Married at first sight) denounces cash, “The production makes believe that…”

The program of Married at first sight started a few weeks ago and the newlyweds follow one another, but they are not alike! Caroline said “yes” in front of the mayor, but leaves Axel no chance and remains blocked by his lack of attraction. Frédérick and Emilie got off to a good start by admitting to each other on the altar before getting married that they both had children and that they were everything to them. As for Alicia and Bruno, they both had a reciprocal chemistry from their first sight. Since then, they have lived on a small cloud. But, apparently, appearances are deceiving… During an interview with one of our colleagues, Alicia de Married at first sight made some revelations about the car accident in which her sister died, but also about her wedding night with her husband.

Alicia (Married at first sight) will soon confess the truth to her husband Bruno…

The sixth season of Married at first sight hit the chain M6. It must be said that the casting is particularly well done. Indeed, even if we do not yet know if the couples will last, the personalities of each are really well chosen. There’s just one problem between Caroline, the vegan, and Axel, but it can’t always work. In any case, for Alicia and Bruno, the psychologists Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter seem to have hit the mark. The pretty 28-year-old blonde and the handsome 31-year-old brunette are very popular with viewers.

After their wedding, the evening, their first wedding night, they have just flown to Porto. A city that the native Portuguese knows perfectly well and he is happy to act as a guide for his charming wife. Through our screens, everything seems magical, but apparently that’s not quite the case. Indeed, there is a gap between reality and the editing of Married at first sight. Here are the confidences that the nurse made to our colleagues from TVMag.

Does their wedding night reflect reality?

Alicia from Married at first sight admits that the editing and the interviews are still oriented. ” When I missed the answer, the journalist asked me the question again until I really answered. They really want to get an answer that they have already thought about. Sometimes the interviews are late and, with fatigue, we just want to go to bed.“, explains the pretty blonde.

After the wedding and the evening, the new couple of Married at first sight slept in the same bed. Nothing happened between them that first night. Alicia was even a little embarrassed and tried to turn off all the lights to find herself in complete darkness. Indeed, the young woman wants to hide the scars she has had since 2014, the year she suffered this accident. Moreover, she has not yet confessed to Bruno the drama that had happened to her. But, in reality, it is once again a montage organized by the production of Married at first sight. Here is what she explains: I want to clarify that it is a montage. I’m in pajamas so, in any case, Bruno won’t see my scars. I actually turn off the lights, because I have OCD, I need to sleep in complete darkness. The production makes believe that I don’t want Bruno to see my body, but that has nothing to do with it. I’m just tired. We quickly went to bed. We didn’t even talk too much.“, explains the young bride.

Married at first sight: montages that revolve too much around his past

Moreover, Alicia feels that her complex about her scars is greatly exaggerated on our screens. ” As the scars are visible, sometimes I have to explain them. But otherwise, I accept them. I often wear crop tops with my belly uncovered, we’ll see it in the next episode. I can have little apprehensions when I don’t know people, but not as much as the production might suggest on the show. She also clarifies that “ the story on [sa] sister is also much highlighted over the course of the episodes of Married at first sight. ” But it’s for ratings“, she explains. Alicia adds that she ” really like the production“, that”no worries » and that she « don’t blame them“. ” I just wish my time in the program revolved less around my past“, ends the pretty blonde of Married at first sight.

See you next Monday on the M6 ​​channel to find Alicia who was about to confess her past to Bruno during their trip to Porto…