Alicia (Married at first sight): Terrible secrets to her husband Bruno in the middle of the honeymoon

Alicia and Bruno were on their little cloud. The two candidates of Married at first sight 2022 83% compatible had a real crush when they met and therefore united in front of their loved ones. After their wedding night, they left for Portugal for their honeymoon. It was at this time that the beautiful 28-year-old nurse made the decision to confide in her painful past.

Bruno saw that Alicia had scars on her back and abdomen. During lunch, she therefore took his courage in both hands to reveal to him that six and a half years ago, she was the victim of a car accident, during which his older sister died at the age of 23. That it left her with about twenty scars and that she had been placed in a coma. After explaining that she subsequently underwent eight operations in three years, Alicia confided that it was for this reason that she was very emotional at the wedding when her sister made a speech. She thanked Bruno for not asking her questions before she mentioned it and asked him not to have pity on her. “Know that I will never insist on this. In relation to your scars, to the health problems that could be linked. I will never do too much. And it’s only when you ask me to be there for you that I will be. I promise you. For better and for worse“said the 31-year-old civil engineer. And he did not hide that he saw his wife as a superheroine.

Alicia was quickly reassured by Bruno’s reaction, who once again was very protective. “It charms me even more“, she confessed. She therefore lowered all her barriers in order to fully experience the end of their trip. During dinner, the two candidates had already planned to meet again the following weekend as they were at the comfortable with each other despite their recent meeting.