Alix Bauer, a former member of Timbiriche, shared photos of how her children have grown on her Instagram account | Famous

The truth is that initially he tried to launch his career as a soloist and, although it did not take off, he approached music again from the field of representing artists.

In the end, he chose to lead a very private life, although always close to his former colleagues. Recently, she rarely showed the growth of his children.

Alix Bauer left the stage to become a mother

After those projects did not take off, the singer chose to dedicate herself fully to her family.

It is known that she married businessman Jack Derzavich and together they have 3 children: Moisés, Danna and Mijal.

Alix Bauer toured Timbiriche pregnant

The interpreter’s first pregnancy was quite public, since it occurred in 1998, when the famous musical group had their first reunion. Beyond her state of health, she agreed to be part of the series of concerts that she offered for this reason, so many of her fans could see her sweetly waiting for her.

In some live performances, she asked for a bench so she could sing sitting down and the process would be much easier.

Alix Baer shared on Instagram photos of how her twins have grown

As a result of this pregnancy, the artist had a pair of twins, a boy and a girl who were born on March 22, 1999. On the occasion of her birthday, she published on her Instagram profile a series of images of how they have changed, since They were small to this day.

At the foot of the carousel, he dedicated to them the tender words:

“My little giants, my great teachers. My great teachers, happy birthday! Seeing them grow and become the wonderful human beings they are today has been my greatest gift in life. I love and admire you deeply.”

His former partner and friend Mariana Garza was present in the comments, wishing them “doubly congratulations.”

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Just a couple of days ago, Alix Bauer had the opportunity to celebrate the life of her youngest daughter, Mijal, as she also completed one more lap around the sun. In the photographs published by the former Timbiriche there was no doubt that the 19-year-old and her mother have a relationship of complicity and play, to the point that they do stunts together.

Everything indicates that the smallest of the clan is the one who physically resembles the singer the most.

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