Alkilados, robbery victim in Ibagué, during his parties

During a presentation in the middle of the Colombian Folkloric Festival of Ibagué, lThe well-known Alkilados gang reported having been the victim of a robbery.

As reported by the musical group through their social networks, the instruments would have been stolen from one of the platforms intended for presentation.

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Among the stolen equipment are an Akai Professional MPC Live controller, a Launch Control XL, a magma case (MPC) and a Samsung 1tb 870 evo sata iii 2.5 internal ssd solid state drive.

All these teams, according to their market price, amount to several million pesos. Alkilados requested that any information be sent to [email protected]

Solidarity in networks

A few minutes after publishing the information, dozens of people began to sympathize with the band, mainly known for its urban pop creations, las they have meant several nominations for the Latin Grammy.

“Seriously guys, too bad for you. I hope they can do something to catch those responsible”, was one of the comments.

have received support

In their Instagram stories, the members of Alkilados assured that the organizers of the event, in which they lost their equipment, They have been on the lookout to help you.

“The people who are in the organization of the event have been ‘at the front of the canyon.’ We do not publish with the intention of making the event look bad, but so that people do not go to buy a stolen equipment by mistake”, they assured.

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Likewise, they mentioned that the disclosure of the serials is important so that they can be traced at some point.