All about Rafa Polinesio and the reason why he hides his girlfriend

Few people knew it and even fewer imagined it, but Rafa Polinesio had a hidden desire: to marry the woman of his dreams and become a father.

Rafael Velázquez Espinoza founded a franchise a decade ago together with his sisters Leslie and Karen, which they named Los Polinesios, alluding to a phrase their grandfather used to tell them when he talked about his life in Polynesia.

As Youtubers first and then as influencers on different platforms, Polynesians have found many ways to generate entertainment focused on children and young people.

Rafa Polinesio, in particular, began to stand out as a figure closely followed by the children, who saw him as the older brother always ready to have fun with the pranks and jokes that they proposed to him.

“The secret to fulfilling our dreams is that we have never forgotten that before all else, we are family. Being united as brothers is what has shown us that we can go even further than our goals. As a family we can achieve any project”, he declared. Rafa when they ask him the reason why they are very followed by the youth and children’s audience.

This is also reflected in his personal life, now that he has decided to speak openly about love, something that he had kept secret and that had caused much speculation.

He first wrote a mysterious comment next to a photo showing his and someone else’s feet very close, in a position that suggested they were facing each other and kissing. There he began the revelation of the mystery of who had won the heart of Rafa Polinesio, who is considered the most eclectic of the brothers.

In his latest show, “Jump”, Rafa dares to become a kind of alien who is at the same time a superhero who tries to rescue the conscience of humanity to avoid wars and bring harmony and peace to the planet. .

The news that Rafa had a girlfriend set his entire fan base in motion to try to find out who had won his heart. Based on some clues taken from the mysterious photos that Rafa has published, they concluded that she is a fan who even follows Karen and Leslie.

But Rafa refuses to reveal his identity despite the fact that he has now surprised us with other news: he will be a father.

Rafa Polinesio published a photo in which he appears carrying his girlfriend but hides his face with an emoji. There he himself writes a message dedicated to his girlfriend:

“At your side everything is perfect. I feel very happy to be able to share with you this new stage of my life with “A” the person who complements me and fills me”.

Until now, all that is known is that his girlfriend does not want to appear publicly and that is the main reason why Rafa has kept her hidden since he is afraid that fame will harm their relationship.