All about the discussion of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

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    If for something it went viral kim kardashian, back in the 2010s, it was because of his epic arguments and fights with his sisters (is it because he tops the list of celebrities who are Libra?). Over the years, those moments have been repeated until today (in fact, among all the sisters), and in the new ‘reality’ that you can see on Disney + surely you have already ‘witnessed’ more than one.

    The ‘klan’ is still allowed to flow in some scuffle than another, and the last one (no, it is not the physical fight of Kourtney and Kim for which they smeared the wall with makeup), has been through Instagram, between Kylie and… yes, Kim. And without violent overtones, which is appreciated (girls, don’t hit each other, by fi).

    The fight 3.0 is related precisely to the signs of the zodiac (Kylie is among the famous ones who are Leo) and they have had it in public, through Instagram ‘stories’. Apparently, La La Anthony (colleague of the ‘klan’) shared a publication that said: “Impossible to replace a girl who gives vibes of both a woman and a best friend, that’s rare”, noting that clearly that type of girl is Cancer (list here the celebrities who are Cancer).

    And Kim and Kylie got into an argument about what kind of girl can have those two attributes. Kim is sure she is Libra and Kylie is Leo (each sweeping for her sign, of course).

    kim kardashian and kylie jenner

    The ‘stories’ that show how the sisters argue on Instagram.


    We don’t know how the discussion will turn out, but what we are clear about is that this type of girl is a Capricorn… The debate is open.

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