All eyes on Kate – even though William is making an important speech

On a visit to the British Prince William (39) and his wife Duchess Kate (40) has Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holnes a secession of the country from the crown indicated. “We’re moving on,” he told journalists Wednesday in the capital, Kingston, in reference to Jamaican history, standing next to William.

Prince William condemns slavery

“Jamaica has grown and matured over the past 60 years, and with that maturity has come a desire for full political independence and self-determination,” Holness tweeted. The Caribbean country celebrates 60 years of independence in August. “I have expressed to the Duke that in this regard it is inevitable that we move towards becoming a republic and thereby the will of the Jamaican people and our ambitions to become an independent, developed and prosperous country fulfill.”

Holness had already said in December that Jamaica must become a republic. A few days earlier, Barbados – also a Caribbean ex-British colony that had become independent in the 1960s – had broken away from the British monarchy and declared a republic.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Cambridge took the opportunity to say hello at a state dinner hosted by Jamaica’s Governor General Sir Patrick Linton Allen was held to express his “deep sadness” at slavery and to apologize for the royal family’s part in human trafficking.