Allan Pray is inspired by a dream to create a pre-Hispanic culture show – El Sol de México

The American singer Allan Pray He has felt a connection to pre-Hispanic Mexico since he was a child, and a few years ago it intensified through a dream he had, where he saw himself dressed as a tlatoani.

In a chat with The Sun of Mexicoexplained how that dream world inspired him to create a show based on an Aztec ritualentitled king cuicatl, which translates as king of song.

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“When I woke up from that dream it was very obvious that it was a symbol, because I was dressed as a prehispanic king with feathers on the head and paint on the face. Since I was a child I have drawn myself dressed like that, I have always had that conflict of identity, “she said.

“I was excited to see that I had so much in common with that culture, and would be able to explore, research and learn more about this Aztec ritual. That gave me an opportunity to be somewhat personal, and to see more clearly and better understand what was going on in my own life.”

East Show It began to appear in 2018 in Oaxaca, the first city of Mexico that it stepped on when arriving in the country. On stage he is accompanied by four musicians, Rene Camou, Margie Espinales, Santiago Mora and Ana Rodríguezwho play different instruments.

He too composer He explained that his interest in music began at the age of three, when he learned to play the cello. But as he grew older, at the structural level, his themes became closer and closer to Mexican culture.

“I had already begun to structure music with reference to the prehispanic architecture, with that mixture between fantasy and very realistic things”.

When asked the direction that his work will take from now on, he replied that he will let himself be carried away by his creativity. “One thing I have learned with my music it is that I cannot make decisions, it has its own interests and its own energy”.

“One thing I have learned with my music is that I cannot make decisions, it has its own interests and its own energy, the responsibility I have is to follow the music and see where it will take me.”

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The show king cuicatl will be featured at the Hermilo Novelo Hall of the Ollin Yoliztli Cultural Center, on June 30 at 6:00 p.m., admission is free.