Alleged boyfriend of Ángela Aguilar: Gussy Lau dedicates a message to Pepe Aguilar after controversial photos with his daughter | Famous

Gussy Lau and the message he dedicated to Pepe Aguilar

A month has passed since the scandal and this Friday, May 6, Gussy Lau amazed with a publication on his Instagram account dedicated to Pepe Aguilar.

the composer, who has at least 65 songs registered in his name before the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, he has composed songs with other greats of the Mexican regional such as Edén Muñoz and Christian Nodal, among others.

According to reports in the Mexican press, in March 2021 he began to work with the Aguilars to compose songs with them.

But beyond what allegedly happened between them, the Sinaloan highlighted his work with the clan this weekend and dedicated a publication to the song that worked with the patriarch, Pepe Aguilar.

You have to listen to this album de ya”, he published in reference to Pepe Aguilar’s album ‘A la measure’, which includes the song ‘No me hablan de amor’, which Gussy Lau also composed.

This is one of my best songs and it was very bad for them,” he wrote.

It is not clear if the 33-year-old composer continues to work with the Aguilars after the scandal over the photos with Ángela.

Ángela Aguilar still has a link with Gussy Lau after controversy over photos

Beyond the work that brought them together for their most recent album and the alleged love relationship they had or could have, Ángela Aguilar still maintains a link with Gussy Lau.

According to a review of the composer’s Instagram account, the singer still follows himdespite the scandal caused by the dissemination of photos with him.

Not only her, but also his dad Pepe. Who does not do it is his brother Leonardo, who also worked with the composer.

In the meantime, he still follows Ángela, her mother Anneliz Álvarez-Alcalá and Pepe Aguilar himself. Those who do not follow are the brothers Leonardo and Anneliz Aguilar.