Alligatoah shocks fans with a violent announcement: That could be behind it

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Alligatoah’s recent Instagram post has sparked wild speculation. Image: IMAGO/Eibner


Jannik Sauer

Alligatoah is multi-talented. Not only can he rap skillfully and sing impressively, he can also play the guitar and write humorous and deep lyrics. The 33-year-old, who is also part of the rap crew Trailerpark, has been releasing songs for a good 18 years. During this time he has built up a large and loyal fan base, alternating between rap and pop.

On Thursday, however, the rapper gave his fans a real fright. On Instagram, Alligatoah shared a photo of a grave cross with the caption, “You’re welcome – Alligatoah 1989-2023.” In addition, the mysterious caption: “It will be an exciting year …”.

In the comment column he caused a lot of fuss.

Fans fear Alligatoah’s upcoming career end

Many followers interpret the post as a resignation announcement. Based on the rapper’s lyrics, they write comments like: “We can’t do the rest alone… just saying” or “Market researchers know we’d miss Alligatoah”.

Alligatoah still hasn’t cleared things up. However, some fans think they have recognized a bluff in the Insta post.

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Because the photo is a screenshot from the music video for “Funeral Song” that Alligatoah released in 2013. 2023 was already noted on the grave cross as the year of Alligatoah’s death.

A user commented on the YouTube video last year: “2023 is getting closer and I’m getting more and more nervous.”

Alligatoah’s “Funeral Song” is about his funeral and saying goodbye. Video: YouTube/Alligatoah

If Alligatoah’s recent Instagram post was serious, it would mean the rapper had been planning his retirement for at least a decade.

But it is probably more likely that the year of death in the music video is to be understood as a funny detail, which Alligatoah has now picked up again for the given occasion.

If he wanted to scare his fans with it for fun, then Alligatoah certainly succeeded. “You trigger a fear that has existed since the video was released,” writes one user. “Stresses me,” another.

Alligatoah is one of the most successful German rappers of all time

The rapper, who was born near Bremerhaven, released his sixth album “Rotz&Wasser” just last year. His greatest commercial success to date is the single “Willst du”, released in 2014. The song was one of only a few rap songs to be certified Diamond for selling one million units. In addition to Alligatoah, only Bausa, Raf Camora and Bonez MC, Apache 207, Sido and Kay One have made it in German rap.

Amira and Oliver Pocher were broken into in January 2022, at that time the couple lived in the house of singer Pietro Lombardi. A 30-year-old man had to answer at the Cologne district court, the Pochers were invited to the witness stand on January 25th.