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Several years have passed, 28 to be exact, since it premiered “Maria from the neighborhood”, a novel that influenced the artistic career of Thalia. Although it is true, the program is no longer broadcast in much of Latin America, thousands of fans can enjoy all the chapters through streaming platforms.

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In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, the Mexican actress revealed some secrets behind “María la del Barrio”. One of them was the small incident that she had with one of the animals during the recording.

As is known, everyone knows Thalia’s kind heart, especially with animals. Among the secrets, the actress told that she fought with the producer of the novel to have a nursery.

“I love little animals and you know it. I fought a lot together with the producer to have a kind of animal nursery, that is, I had a little goat, a gigantic dog, I had rabbits, I had birds and even a monkey, a monkey… that monkey ”, he added, touching his head.

And it was that last one with which he had a tremendous scare when he bit him in the navel. “That monkey sped up and he wasn’t in a good mood that day, and he threw himself at me and I pulled him like ‘wait, you’re going to bite me,’ he threw himself at my face and I sort of lowered him like that, with the diaper that I was wearing, and it bites me in the navel.” Indian.

What happened after the bite? Thalía said that they helped her immediately and they had to give her an injection against her rabies. After almost three decades, the 51-year-old celebrity remembers the anecdote with great grace.

royal dump

Another of the secrets that she revealed in “María la del barrio”, the one born and raised in Mexico City told that the program was recorded in a real garbage dump and not on a set as many claim so far.

“These scenes were real and were filmed in a garbage dump in Mexico City. I remember that there were many people, also dogs that sometimes bit the cameramen or the staff that worked for the production, and even cockroaches.” accurate.

Finally, Tommy Mottola’s wife pointed out that the hat he wore in the novel was made with the help of his mother. Of course, she made it clear that the production took care of every detail in terms of his characterization.

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