Although he said “never again”, he returns to ‘The Academy’

After dusting off his critical skills in ‘The stars dance in Today’, Lola Cortes She decided not to enter the third season of the reality show on Televisa and now she is confirmed for the 20-year edition of ‘La Academia’.

Together with Arturo López Gavito, Horacio Villalobos and Ana Bárbara, the actress and singer will return to the panel of critics as she did in the first editions, where she established herself for her fierce criticism and lawsuits with contestants and even colleagues, such as Ilse Olivo, from Flans.

She herself reported that her fights with Ilse were a montage, and the same production asked the member of Flans to “enter the game.” “It was explained to him that it was a montage, that he should enter the game. And then, the truth is, I’m very bad, I was already on track, I already knew where to get to him,” confessed Lola.

“From Jolette, I didn’t even see the performance anymore. Because of the pea he was telling me ‘Jolette is going to arrive soon, this is going to happen, look at the camera, you have to say this…”Cortes recounted.

In fact, in 2016, when she spoke about her experience in ‘La Academia’, Lola Cortés assured that it was a nightmare that she did not want to experience again: “I did not know what that was, I had a very bad time. The hell I went through was horrible, for my family, for my children in, it was awful for everyone. We lived it, and from there, I said: ‘Never again'”.

However, and despite the fact that she said that at that time she could not even resign due to the fine print of her contract, Lola will return to reality where she will surely give more to talk about than the fleeting contestants.

Just a little over a month ago, Lola commented that “I know that 20 years have passed, I was not in the first 2 seasons, the only thing is that if there were to be an approach, you have to put the pros and cons. I did not have a good time, the people there did not treat me very well let’s say, on the contrary, the same people from other programs spoke horrible things about me. So if I came to a way of working with them, many things would have to be clarified regarding the people who are still there and who have been a tumor.”