Alvan & Ahez unveil the clip for “Fulenn”, the song that will represent France

A week before the final, the Breton group unveils the clip of their title “Fulenn”, chosen to represent France at Eurovision.

The song that will represent France at Eurovision 2022 now comes with a clip. Alvan & Ahez, who will defend the tricolor during the final on May 14 in Turin, unveil this Friday the video of Fulenn. The Breton group performs in a forest, at nightfall: the four musicians interpret their title while a young woman dances around a fire.

Alvan & Ahez is the association of two entities: the Rennes electro-rock musician Alvan, and the trio of Breton singers Ahez, composed of Sterenn Diridollou, Sterenn Le Guillou and Marine Lavigne. We find in this clip the dark atmosphere and a disturbing bit of their title, unveiled last March. A song entirely sung in Breton, the “heart language” of Ahez, as they explained to BFMTV a few weeks ago.

“It’s the language of our grandparents. They were ashamed to speak it, it was banned. Being able to wear it on the Eurovision stage is a real pride for us (…) We also wants to show that it is spoken by the new generation, and that we can create in this language, we can say everything. It lends itself to any musical genre, and in particular Alvan’s hybrid electro-rock.”

Between tradition and modernity

Alvan, meanwhile, does not speak Breton but learned the lyrics phonetically. Like the music, which mixes traditional language and dance, the text of Fulenn – which translates as “young girl” or “spark”, combines legend and modernity.

“This song is the symbol of a woman who goes dancing at nightfall and who does what she pleases, sending slanderous glances flying. It is a feminist text, which speaks of the emancipation of the woman”, they explained to 20 minutes.