Álvaro Mel (‘Paraíso’ 2): “I have sensitivity as an actor”

    Being considered a ‘top’ ‘influencer’ is perfect when you want to make a living from it. However, the title may carry weight if, as Alvaro Mel, you decide to make the leap to acting. In his early days, he received criticism, but he overcame it, as he tells us in this interview, because he sensed his talent to be an actor. He was not wrong as he has shown in the projects in which he has participated since he started this adventure and they are not few. In 2018 it premiered with ‘The net’ and then we saw it in ‘The other look’ but his most notorious role has been that of Álex Ventura in ‘The Fortune’, under the command of Alejandro Amenábar. He now returns again to Movistar + thanks to the season 2 of ‘Paradise’, one of the best Movistar+ series, directed by another of the greats: Fernando González Molina. This man from Salamanca, who was going to be an architect, is building a solid and promising screen career.

    I understand that this character was written for you. What a compliment!

    Yes, Fer, the director, called me to tell me and imagine. He described Mateo to me as a sensitive and noble boy, but with a dark past. He loved me and I accepted. We met in ‘The other look’ and there he told me: “We will work together again.” So it has been.

    Álvaro Mel in 'Paradise'


    In the plot of the series you are part of a sentimental triangle. Has it happened to you in real life?

    No way! In love I am simpler and calmer.

    Strange phenomena occur in the plot. Have you experienced any?

    As a child I had terrors, I heard footsteps in the corridor, but I suppose they were imaginations. The biggest fear I’ve ever had was when I was looking at the door and I saw someone dressed as a rabbit. My imagination (laughs).

    There has been talk of certain similarities with ‘Stranger Things’. What do you think?

    We don’t have to compare with an outside project because here we make quality products. Fer has created a unique series to be proud of.

    We saw you before in ‘The other look’, but ‘La Fortuna’ gave you wings. How was working with Alejandro Amenábar?

    I like that he has very clear ideas, his delicacy and humanity. Everything was good vibes on set.

    photo series

    Theresa Isasi

    Have you received criticism for coming from social networks?

    Yes, there have been. At first, there was a ‘fake news’ in which it was said that I would appear in ‘Elite’ and people commented that they had chosen me because I was handsome. Free hate. I was criticized a lot, but, in the end, it is clear that I have done a good job. If Alejandro or Fer have wanted to work with me, it’s for a reason, regardless of whether I upload photos to Instagram.

    What is your strong point as an actor?

    I humbly consider that I have sensitivity, I am a blank canvas, and my naturalness. I haven’t gone to acting classes, I haven’t trained as an interpreter, but I have resources that directors can work with. I listen and I am easy to lead.

    “I was criticized at the beginning, but it is clear that I have done a good job”

    What has surprised you most about this profession?

    You never stop learning and you are always excited. You finish one project and another arrives. Also, you meet people who become family.

    And what role does Instagram have in your life right now?
    A livelihood because I also do advertising, but I have put it aside more because I want to focus on the actor side.

    How do you take care of your mental health?

    It is something very important and I value it more since last year. Always have a psychologist on hand. In addition, I began to watch my diet and exercise. It’s also good to spend some time, be without distractions, without mobiles, take a walk, play music…

    alvaro mel


    What is your favorite soundtrack?

    The Funnky Chicken album (VV.AA.): sounds like 70’s jazz and I love it.

    Another of your balms is drawing…

    A few months ago I went through a rough patch and painting was what relaxed me.

    We’ll see you soon on Netflix’s ‘Criminal Book Club’. What can you tell us?

    It’s a ‘slasher’, a genre that I wanted to do. I play Sebas, the friend of the protagonist, Veki Velilla, a great actress.

    When you rest from filming. What is your particular paradise?

    Madrid because it has given me everything. It is a city that lets you be what you want.

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