Álvaro Torres and Sergio Vargas “from end to end” before the Dominican public

On the night of Saturday, March 19, the Salvadoran singer-songwriter Álvaro Torres and the Dominican Sergio Vargas demonstrated once again their popularity and harmony with the popular taste of their followers in the concert “Nada se Compara Contigo”.

The Teatro la Fiesta at the Jaragua hotel in Santo Domingo filled to capacity was the stage chosen by the producer Alberto Cruz Magnament for the interpreter of “Te va a doler” to present his romantic repertoire for almost two hours.

The evening began at 9:30 at night with the Dominican identity represented by the merengue player Sergio Vargas who heated up the dance floor for more than an hour between merengues and orchestrated ballads.

At 10:50 at night, a video projecting part of the guest artist’s career showed some achievements of the successful career of this great Central American performer. The singer came on stage after the VTR played to the beat of the song “I have lived waiting for you”, a cut from his album “Nada compares with you” released in 1991.

As the night progressed, songs such as “Amor entre tres”, “Mi true love”, “I leave you free” “Ni tú ni ella” among other hits that the public sang to applause and ovations as part of a repertoire capable of bristling the skin and take out every last iota of romanticism.

The turn of the Dominican Ruth La Cantante came to sing a duet “Mi amor por ti” and “Buenos Amigos” songs by the Salvadoran singer-songwriter who recorded with the singers Marisela and Celena respectively.

The participation of Ruth The singer was very well received by the public of what some described as the climax of the Show that ended minutes after midnight “Patria querida” a song that she sang with one of her musicians and that she recorded in collaboration with Barrio Boyzz contained in his album Reencuentro, nuanced the patriotic and nostalgic moment of the night.

The musical notes of “Nothing compares to you” heralded the end of the evening. “Thank you very much people, public, Dominican Republic. You are a mixture of happiness and good people” said the artist while dedicating the last song of the night to the public that filled “De punta a punta” the capacity of the Jaragua Hotel Fiesta Theater from Santo Domingo.