Amaia Montero, from La Oreja de Van Gogh, reappears after a worrying photo – El Sol de México

A few weeks ago, Amaia Montero worried not only her family but also her followers after making an unexpected publication on her social networks.

The artist published a photograph in which she looked practically unrecognizable, leaving a particular message, where Montero questioned “The reason to live”.

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However, recent information about her state of health and the place where she had been during the time when she was not heard from has now come to light.

The ex-vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh was captured after leaving a private clinic, where it is speculated that she was hospitalized for about a month, but what caught her attention the most was once again her appearance impacted again.

“Amaia Montero leaves the clinic after a month in hospital”, The Spanish entertainment magazine Lecturas reported on its networks, adding the image in question.

What happened to Amaia Montero?

At the beginning of October, Amaia Montero happily announced her return to music after four years of absence, however, days later, the singer set off alarm bells by sharing a shocking photograph on the networks in which she looked very deteriorated.

An image that accompanied a message that worried his followers.

“If hope is the last thing to die and I haven’t lost it yet, what use is life to me?” the singer wrote.

Since then, nothing has been known about the former vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh, even the photo that alarmed everyone was deleted from her Instagram.

Until today it was known about the singer thanks to the Spanish publication that revealed the image where Montero leaves a rehabilitation clinic.

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Until now, the interpreter has remained silent, leaving aside her social networks, however, the magazine announced that the celebrity has received the support of her family to overcome the difficult moment she has been going through.