Amalia Granata criticized Pampita with everything in the midst of the controversy: “She does not know that…”

Amalia Granatawho goes back and forth between her role as a legislator in Santa Fe and that of a panelist on the Marcelo Polino, seems to be determined to get involved in every possible scandal. She now she aimed against pampita.

The panelist gave her opinion on “El Hotel de los Famosos”, the new reality show produced by El Trece, with the leadership of Carolina Ardohainwhom he pointed out directly to launch his fierce criticism.

“I was watching The Hotel of the Famous. And the truth is, half of them I don’t know who they are and they don’t have seasoning. But I also have a criticism of driving. Also, the games they make take years back. It’s an embole ”, he began by saying maroon.

“And I didn’t like Pampita’s driving at all. I saw her doing much better. It’s like he’s not there. She doesn’t know how to take reality. It seems to me that there are drivers who are for reality shows and others who are not”, added the panelist.

It’s not the first time maroon questions a program that is under the leadership of pampitasince a few months ago he had also had unfavorable words when “Siendo Pampita” premiered, by Paramount +.

Also in the program Marcelo Polinothey had talked about how much it cost to get pregnant to pampita, so he had to undergo treatment. At that time, the driver limited: “But she also snores and her husband recorded it.”

At that moment, amelia stepped in to hit him. “Snoring with fabulous makeup and pose? How strange that she shows herself like this, because she was always a very reserved person! ”, She criticized.

amelia It comes from very conflictive weeks, since it had a media crossover in recent days against Florence of the V and even with Intruders for their controversial statements about the help that the State provides to trans people.