Amanda Bynes is officially free after nine years of legal guardianship

After nine years under legal guardianship, Amanda Bynes is officially a free woman. As has been known, the California Court has determined that the teen star no longer needs legal guardianship. The 35-year-old actress has sent this happy news through an official statement issued by her lawyer. In this note you could see reflected the emotion of the young woman who is already prepared to write a new stage of her life. “During all these yearsI’ve been doing my best to improve my mental health to be able to live and work independently“. A goal that he has already achieved, but he still has a long way to go. A new chapter in his intense life in which he is very clear about what his top priority will be.“I want to continue watching and taking care of my mental well-being”has confessed the protagonist of Easy A.

Actress Amanda Bynes recovers from her problems and announces her engagement


In these words he also addressed all the people who have been by his side during this long recovery process. Especially He wanted to thank the support of his parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes. A fundamental piece to return to being a free woman. “They are very proud of Amanda and the hard work she has done to get here. they support one hundred percent the request he has made to end his guardianship“The family’s lawyer made it known shortly before starting the legal process. A luck that the interpreter can boast of. Just the opposite case than Britney Spears, Well, the princess of pop, also lived a situation of legal parental control for thirteen years, but, at the moment, she is on a war footing with all the members of her family, since she thinks that they took advantage of her delicate personal situation.


Without a doubt, a story of self-improvement. The artist was arrested on different occasions for possession of illegal substances, she was involved in a car accident and in causing a fire. In addition, controversial comments flooded her social profiles, such as when she asked then-President Obama to sanction the authorities who had arrested her. However, there is nothing left of that Amanda Bynes who reached rock bottom. During these new years, The young woman has turned her life around 180 degrees. In 2019, he managed to get a title in the Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, knowledge that you plan to use in your own online business inside the world fashion. On a sentimental level, she has also found peace with her fiancé Paul Michael, with whom they have had a romantic relationship for 3 years. The two met at a rehab center and have been inseparable ever since. After the end of your legal guardianship they both plan to get married as soon as possible.

Some plans for the future that, for the time being, they do not go through returning to the world of interpretation. Something that does not concern his closest environment, since as his friend and actor, Josh Peck, with whom he shared a cast in the amanda showThey just want the young woman to enjoy her life as a free person again. “I want him to do whatever it takes if it makes him happy. I’m a big fan of her as an actress, but, more importantly, of her as a person”the interpreter has confessed, who has not hesitated to show his joy for what was his partner on the small screen in the early 2000s.

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