Amanda Dudamel, candidate from Venezuela, in trouble for the dress she wore in Miss Universe

The American R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned on January 14 as the most beautiful woman, above the Venezuelan Amanda Dudamel, who was the first runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant held in New Orleans, United States.

A few days after the end of the beauty event, designer Samy Gicherman accused Amanda Dudamel of plagiarism, for the ball gown she wore on the final night of the pageant.

It is a dress that had brilliant inlays of different shades of blue and gold, with a heart cut.

First I took off my glasses and put them back on because I couldn’t believe it. I went into shockI immediately criticized him because I was the creator of this piece last year and I see it now in the girl who is representing Venezuela with a piece that is exactly the same”, said the designer Gicherman in an interview with the Venezuelan program ‘The fat and the skinny’.

According to Gicherman, the front design used by Amanda Dudamel is almost identical to the one he made.

Taking into account the above, Miss Venezuela did not remain silent and stated that some time ago She herself designed that dress and even had the digital renders.

Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel
Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel with the dress that has generated controversy. – Photo: PA

“I designed an exclusive for Miss Universe. A five-piece capsule collection that also has its digital part. I made the digital renders and the physical pieces were produced and all those pieces have their exclusive digital version that they can find and they can see around the world,” he said.

“We came to power”: Amanda Dudamel revealed what she said to R’Bonney Gabriel when she was chosen as Miss Universe

Several days after the Miss Universe coronation ceremony, held in New Orleans, Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, confessed what she said to Miss United States when both were waiting to find out who was the winner.

The controversy related to the election of R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss USA, as the winner, continues to give people something to talk about. The favorites to take the crown were Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, but neither won and the North American was the winner with a broad vote by the jury.

Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel reacts as she is crowned Miss Universe.
Miss USA R’Bonney Gabriel reacts as she is crowned Miss Universe. – Photo: PA

During the television broadcast of the program The Hot Table, Dudamel was invited to talk about her experience in the contest and the impressions of the election of her counterpart. When she was asked what was going through her head when they were both waiting for the jury’s verdict, she replied that, in the first place, she liked that she was the finalist with R’Bonney, because they had spent a lot of time together during the competition, because they matched alphabetically and they are both fashion designers by profession.

“And when we got there, the first thing I said to him was, ‘we came to power’. I felt that I had responded very well and I had felt very good on stage, but then I put myself in God’s hands, just as I did as soon as the show began. Showbecause in the preliminary I was still a little cold”, indicated Dudamel when recounting what he experienced in those few seconds of uncertainty before meeting the new Miss Universe.

miss Universe
Miss United States R’Bonney Gabriel, with her back to the camera in the center, is hugged by other contestants after being crowned Miss Universe. – Photo: PA

Immediately afterwards, when the jury confirmed that the North American was the winner, the Venezuelan described that that moment was strange for her, because neither of them understood what had happened. Despite the fact that they heard ‘Miss USA’, they both felt confused as they did not know clearly if it corresponded to the winner or the second. “And those from the organization came and told us, ‘Miss USA, you are the winner,’ and they pushed me back a bit. I’m sorry I couldn’t hug her, we really are very close friends and I would have liked to give her that congratulatory hug, ”she said.

In addition to expressing what he felt, Dudamel took advantage of the moment to affirm that so far the organization has not offered him an official contract, although it is waiting. He also confessed the first thing she said to Andreína Martínez, Miss Dominican Republic. Both were cataloged by the press as “The true queens”.

Miss Venezuela indicated the following: “I feel that she was very happy with the top and she wanted us to be photographed together, because I feel that she was feeling proud that she knew that later she will be able to work with us. From the beginning we knew that Latino power was going very strong”. Recently, Martínez had been immersed in another controversy, related to Miss Puerto Rico.

Publication of the mother of Miss Puerto Rico
Publication of the mother of Miss Puerto Rico – Photo: Facebook screenshot of Olga Cariño’s account

Through her social networks, the mother of Ashley Cariño’s Puerto Rican, Olga Cariño, published an extensive message in which she questioned the jury for including Martínez on the podium of the finalists and not her daughter. “The Dominican Republic only entered because of the great teacher of cheating, dirty work and seeking favoritism via agreement and whoever knows it knows what I’m talking about.. Miss Dominican Republic was not to enter that top 3, sorry.”