Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela celebrates that her family is growing: the first runner-up in Miss Universe announces with joy that her little brother Salomón will arrive | People | Entertainment

The challenges ahead are the ones that most excite Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela 2021 and first runner-up in the miss Universe. The 23-year-old girl has a world ahead of her and from there she is already shaping up to continue working on her projects, but her family is always present at every step the beauty queen takes.

From an interview for Noticias Caracol, the beautiful young woman who conquers with her sweetness and overwhelming personality, continues to give good news that surrounds her in a cloud of happiness, both for her and for the extended family she won, after her father returned. to marry a beautiful Colombian.

Connecting with people and showing fluid communication full of empathy are the greatest talents that left the Venezuelan on the podium of the world’s beauties. And from that seat, Dudamel continues to reveal the joys that her family, her father and her mother, offer him.

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Amanda Dudamel, first runner-up in Miss Universe awaits the arrival of a new little brother

The universal viceroy does not stop highlighting in her interviews the love and support that her father, Rafael Dudamel, gave her to see her dream come true. Winning Miss Venezuela was her first triumph and the Vinotinto coach was there.

On January 14, the former soccer coach was also in New Orleans and in a deep and tearful hug he consoled his daughter for not being crowned Miss Universe.

However, Amanda Dudamel in the interview for the Colombian media mentioned what she said to her father at that crucial moment when it became known that the winner was Miss USA.

“My smile, I don’t know, it wouldn’t fade and when I hugged him and saw that he was sad, I simply told him: ‘Daddy, this is our triumph, this was the triumph that God had for us and I am very happy, I am calm, I swear’. And there he told me that his peace of mind was going to go hand in hand with mine, ”he revealed.

And convinced that the contest will be her best platform, Dudamel emphasized that she will continue with the plans she has projected with sustainable fashion, always keeping in mind how important it is to have the family by her side.

In this scenario, she announced the joy that surrounds her with the news of the arrival of a new member of the family: her little brother number four.

His father is married to Carolina Duque from Cali, who is already the mother of two boys with Rafael Dudamel and now, at 37, is expecting her third child.

I feel that land [Colombia] very close. Two of my brothers are Colombian and I have a little brother on the way who is going to be Colombian. I also have a Colombian family and I have lived so many beautiful experiences there that I feel it as a sister country, I feel very very close to it, ”explained the young woman as she showed her happiness for such a family event.

From her Instagram account, Carolina, Rafael Dudamel’s wife, gave the good news and recently shared a publication in which the family celebrated the revelation party, thus informing that it will be another child: Solomon.

“After two children I never thought that God would give me the opportunity to be a mother again, and the truth is that I dreamed of living a moment like this, having my own revelation and it was just as I dreamed… Although most thought it would be Martina, Solomon arrived to break the tie for this team of 5 children. I was happy! ”, He wrote in the post with great excitement for the moment he is living. (AND)

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