Amandine Pelissard: Her videos with Jeremstar are not unanimous!

Highly criticized on social networks, Amandine Pelissard, known in Family XXL on television, holds despite everything. Every act and gesture is scrutinized on the Internet. The latest? When she gives many gifts to her children for Christmas. Accused of forcing her children to be in front of the camera, the beauty makes things clear: “ Every season, every night, we talk about it. My children, each time, we consulted them beforehand. “.A very simple thing, five, six years old, that’s the age of my son Adam. I am told: ‘we do not see him’. It’s that in fact, my children, we never forced them to shoot anything. If they don’t want to, they don’t shoot, if they don’t want to be filmed, they’re not filmed, it never hinders their schooling. “.

Amandine mocked

Amandine is a public celebrity today, despite bad language. But all is not so rosy! For some, the beauty does not deserve it. And very aggressive comments are regularly posted under his photos. She even admits being the victim of harassment:“Since the end of January, we have received (anonymous threatening letters) every fortnight, every Saturday (…) and tomorrow it will be two weeks and it is Saturday. ». We remind you that moral harassment, whether in real life or on the internet, is punishable by law. But fortunately, the young lady explains that his children are not victims: The kids are smarter than the adults because it’s more the parents who bother us after school, the kids, at least in my family, there’s never been any concern about school bullying..

Having become very friendly with Jeremstar, the pretty mother spends time with the latter. And out of the question not to film a few short humorous videos! But unfortunately, there again, the criticisms fuse. For many, the young woman should take care of her children instead or should stop being a nuisance. Comments harder than ever, but which hide rather, a big jealousy, right?