Amandine Pellissard (Large families) at its worst: this big hassle that her family had to face

Saturday March 26, 2022, while Amandine Pellissard was enjoying the start of the weekend with the family, the day finally turned tragic. In shock, the latter shared, live, the “big problem going on” which was brewing at his home.

For the past few days, a summer air has been hovering over the whole of France. Sunny weather and mild temperatures that inspire dreams and make millions of French people want to enjoy their outdoors. This is the case, in particular, of Amandine Pellissard and all of her little family. Saturday March 26, 2022, a few minutes “after the children’s snack”the star of the program Families large, life in XXL and her husband decided to “going out to the park” accompanied by their eight children. A happy exit which unfortunately turned into a nightmare for the members of the Pellissard clan.

In an Instagram story, Amandine Pellissard shared the “big problem going on” his family had to deal with. “So, you see… It’s 7:15 p.m. We’re all outside actually because when we got back from the park earlier, we noticed a strong smell of gas. Specifically, the groceries were delivered when we got home and so I went up the stairs to the basement to drop off some things to then run a washing machine. And I smelled a strong smell of gas. In fact, we have a big gas leak in the basement.she said, panicked.

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard give their news

After regaining her senses a little, the young woman gave some details about the evolution of the situation. “We’ve been out with the kids for an hour already. We can’t go home. We’re waiting for a technician”, she explained. It’s finally two hours after having “called [son] owner” that he arrived to help the Pellissard family.

A few hours after the event, which could have turned out to be dramatic, Amandine Pellissard, as well as the members of her family, were finally able to return to their home. It’s in an Instagram live that her husband and she wanted to share their feelings with their subscribers. “Today everything is fine”, she immediately said. More fear than harm for the Pellissard family…

Instagram of the Pellissard family
Instagram of the Pellissard family