Amandine Petit: This little lingerie dress is heating up the heat on Instagram!

Amandine Petit has been increasing public appearances lately. The young woman who has been particularly active on her social networks since she became a public figure after her participation in the Miss France competition. This young woman embodies simplicity and elegance. Which has made many French carry it in their hearts until now. Her mandate as a beauty queen is now over, she continues to cause a sensation through the various photos she posts on Instagram. The latter in date having immediately provoked the enthusiasm of his fans.

Amandine Petit raises the temperature

Météo-France last week spoke of scorching temperatures forecast for the weekend. Which no doubt inspired Amandine Petit in choosing this ultra-light outfit which suits her all the same. With the lingerie spirit that it puts forward, this garment really had everything to please the public who had reacted unanimously to this post. Witness the some 22,000 people who liked his photo in just a few hours. All this without counting on the compliments that had rocketed from all over the comments section. This is proof that the fact that Amandine Petit is no longer in the exercise of her mandate does not change her popularity in any way.

Showing up on social networks with rather sexy outfits is absolutely no problem for Amandine Petit. We can even say that she feels perfectly at ease in this kind of outfit which highlights all the beauty of her physique. Elegance is in this woman as something innate and her body highlights all the outfits she wears. Just take a look at her Instagram account to realize it with all the stunning photos she has shared so far. Like what, it is as a real beauty queen that she managed the rest of her media career.

A competition that brought him visibility

Having participated in the Miss France contest was for Amandine Petit the opportunity to make herself known to the general public. However, she convinced the jury of her ability to fulfill the functions entrusted to her during her term of office. If the latter were far from easy, his motivations were indeed present. This made his job a lot easier. Of course, detractors go hand in hand with fame and the former Miss France has often paid the price. As was the case in this photo in which a user had pointed out to him that his dress lacked ironing.

Responsibilities that continue beyond the mandate of Miss France

Amandine Small is one of Sylvie Tellier’s proteges and she wouldn’t let anything in the world hurt her. These beauty queens have, despite the end of their term, still responsibilities as former Miss France. They are, for example, automatically integrated into the association Les Bonnes Fées after having fulfilled their functions. The most emblematic Misses of the competition like Nathalie Marquay, Iris Mittenaere or Rachel Legrain-Trapani are part of it. Delphine Wespiser and Clémence Botino are also invested in this charitable work intended to help people with breast cancer who are in need. A cause close to the heart of Amandine Petit.