Amandine Petit: this plane trip that almost turned into a nightmare

While returning to France after a stay near Casablanca in Morocco, Amandine Petit had the fear of her life during her return trip by plane, as she revealed in her Instagram story on Sunday May 15, 2022.

Miss Normandy 2020, Amandine Small won by a very short header ahead of April Benayoum (Miss Provence 2020), during the election of Miss France 2021. The young beauty queen therefore succeeded Clémence Botino as the most beautiful woman in France. Unfortunately, as was already the case for Miss France 2020, Amandine Petit’s reign was marked by the health crisis, but also by the various confinements that resulted from it. After spending a year in the shoes of the most beautiful woman in France, the young beauty queen passed on her scarf and tiara to Diane Leyre (Miss Ile-de-France 2021), who was elected Miss France 2022 live on TF1.

Rather discreet since the end of her reign as the most beautiful woman in France, Amandine Petit had the fear of her life on Sunday May 15, 2022as she revealed in her story instagram. In fact, the young woman was preparing to return to France by air, after having spent a stay in Casablanca in Morocco. Miss France 2021 first went by taxi to the airport, before realizing that she had forgotten her phone inside the vehicle. Luckily for her, her driver was able to bring it back to her quickly. A small oversight that has almost caused him to miss boarding his flight to return to France. But it was really after the plane took off that trouble started for Amandine Petit and the other passengers.

Amandine Petit (Miss France 2021): “We had a day full of emotions”

Probably because of the thunderstorms, the plane had a lot of turbulence including at precisely two times, when we descended in altitude very quickly. Cries, tears, a lot of anguish from the passengers, it was impressive. Shortly after, the flight was diverted but we did not know why. (…) Without information from the captain, there was beginning to be panic. And at the time of landing, we were beginning to be relieved, the commander went around on request from the control tower“, revealed Miss France 2021. “We spent a day full of emotions. All’s well that ends well, but when you get on a plane and there are things like this that happen, there are fears, cries, people are in panic, everyone is in a panic, it was not funny“, finally concluded Amandine Petit.


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