Amandine Petit: very bad hair surprise during Fort Boyard for the former Miss France

Amandine Petit confided in the columns of Télé Loisirs this Monday, July 4. The opportunity for her to make some revelations about her visit to Fort Boyard.

France 2 viewers were able to find the new season of Fort Boyard for two weeks now. The game is very popular and celebrities follow one another. On July 9, a new episode will be broadcast and, for this occasion, it is Élodie Gossuin, Bruno Guillon, Cécile Djunga, Émilie Broussouloux, Ugo but also Amandine Petit who will have to face the riddles of Father Fouras. The goal ? Bring in as much money as possible for Unicef. If the former Miss France thought she had seen and done everything during her reign, she was not at the end of her troubles for these challenges. In the columns of Entertainment TV this Monday, July 4, she made some confidences and in particular evoked the ordeal of the spider, which traumatized her. “We put on a full suit, then we enter a cell filled with glue. The goal: throw balls into a basket. It’s mission impossible, but what did we laugh!”, she first explained. An ordeal that left him with scars: “I lost a shoe, I stayed glued to the ground for at least ten minutes. In short, I had them everywhere. When I got back to the hotel, I even had to cut a lock of my hair…”, she concluded. No doubt viewers are eager to see the footage.

Amandine Petit can’t get over it. The spider ordeal is very complicated, especially when you are afraid of these animals. However, the former Miss-France also had to face another of her phobias… The fear of emptiness. During her previous visit, she had to give up. “I was paralyzed by the fear of emptiness”, she explained. For this new show, she hoped to escape it but it was not the case. “This year, I prayed that the host, Olivier Minne, would not designate me a second time. But something told me he wouldn’t hesitate!“, she first said before adding: “And indeed, I had seen right… The production dared to confront me once again with my worst phobia”. Did Amandine Petit manage to overcome her fear? But this time I showed great courage and actually jumped, she said, proud of her achievement. If the former Miss France does not hesitate to openly discuss the events that she liked the least, she nevertheless assures that she will participate in the show once again. “It conveys beautiful values, which are dear to me. So, yes, we are scared, but we also have fun!she concluded.

Amandine Petit: did she react to her participation in Fort Boyard?

During her stint on the show in June 2021, Amandine Petit had not managed to bungee jump. A moment that greatly amused Internet users and the young woman had been much criticized. A few hours later, it was in her Instagram story that she spoke to make a point. The opportunity for her to remember that this kind of test is not easy. “It’s not that easy, I tell you“, she had simply affirmed. At her side was John, a manager in the Miss France team who often accompanies him on his travels who had assured that he would have done so. This year, Amandine Petit has therefore managed to overcome her fear.