Amaranta Ruiz arrives for the first time on Televisa and celebrates 30 years of career

The corridors of Televisa are unknown to her, she never wanted to work there because it is the company in which her father, José Carlos Ruiz, has made his career, and she did not want to be labeled as having a job thanks to him. But now, 30 years after Amaranta Ruiz started acting, he said yes for the first time to a telenovela in La Fábrica de Sueños.

It was the producer Roy Rojas who convinced her to agree to debut in the telenovela La inheritance, a melodrama in which she plays Adela Cruz, a brave mother who does everything to get her children ahead, something that has been a challenge for her, Well, she’s not a mom in real life.

You are debuting on Televisa, did the beginning make you a little nervous or anxious? At the beginning yes, but I have been very happy with the character I have in the project. You feel like the new one at school, but it’s part of acting life, taking on challenges, and I feel happy and grateful.

You come from other companies and other formats, how do you describe this whole process, is it different or is it the same as what you did before? The acting technique is the same, but it is not the same to work with a director with whom you have worked for a long time and who you know who he is, to suddenly face a new human being, with a different structure, a producer that I am barely getting to know ; but I believe that with discipline and with the tools that one has, the objective is achieved. I think everything has gone very well.

You already have 30 years of artistic career, why hadn’t you given yourself the opportunity to enter Televisa? It all happened, now… there was once (laughs), a father (José Carlos Ruiz) who worked in a company, in which I never wanted to work so as not to be in the same workplace and so that I wouldn’t stigmatize and say that if I had a place, it was because my father was an actor. She always wanted to be an actress, and my dad told me that it was something very serious and that he had to think about it; It was then like a very big challenge and a very educational way of biting my crest so that I would really take this race seriously. The easiest option was to go to another television station, and there I was, on TV Azteca, 27 years working, being a host, actress, doing comedy and soap operas. Later I went to work at Telemundo and did three projects, and suddenly I received the invitation to be in La inheritance, and with great joy I decided that it was time, and now I am celebrating my 30-year career with this telenovela on Televisa by first time.

About this character, what has allowed you to explore or experiment? First of all, being a mother, because in real life I am not. Second, to honor female empowerment, to Mexican women who every day have to leave their children in charge of a family member, to see what they do with them in order to go out to work, get bread and return home to continue being mothers and educators unable to throw in the towel.

It is curious that a woman who does not have children pays tribute to those women who do have them through the character of a story… Yes, it is a great responsibility of all women who have the opportunity to be in the media, to bring a message to society and have it resonate. In this case, I think that despite the inconveniences, the pain, the suffering that you may have, there is always something inside you that allows you to stand up and have a good attitude towards whatever it is, and this woman that I play, despite the fact that 25 things happen to him, because he has a father who is old and sick, he has a son in full adolescence who has green gray hair, and he has another son who is already a little more mature, but who should be more so, Before all this prevails a desire to survive, a love for life, a gratitude to the bosses and a desire to say: I will get ahead despite what happens like so many women in the world.

Do you think that love is lived in a different way at 50 years old, like your character? I am going to answer like Amaranta: I don’t think so, I think that human beings like the clan, we like skin, we like to be contained, hugged, cared for, pampered, pampered, and give the same in return ; So no, I can say that at this moment in my life I am completely and deeply in love, and I want the same as I wanted when I was 20 or 30 years old. I am with that dedication and with that desire to be with someone and to desire someone and to want to see him, that’s how I am then.

Like a young lady? Well, look at me… (laughs).

So age is just a number? Yes, it’s all about attitude. I know many people in their 20s who are almost waiting for death, they live without motivation, bitter, with nothing to want from life; instead, I have passion, desire to live and work. I thank God for allowing me to do what I love and that gives me life. Sure, work, plus my family and my boyfriend.