Amaury Nolasco learned to do Mexican-style comedy by watching television

MADRID. Actor Amaury Nolasco grew up watching on Mexican television, The guy from the eight or the films of Pedro Infante that, without knowing it at the time, would become a school for his foray into a comedy film alongside Eugenio Derbez.

The artist participates in the film valet, which represented a huge achievement, because since he met the comedian a couple of years ago, he expressed his desire to work with him. “In Puerto Rico in the 70s and 80s we grew up with an influence of Mexican cinema and television, we watched all the soap operas, movies chip Y capulin or of Cantinflas“, he talked to this newspaper, during his participation in the Platinum Awards.

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“It was a nice thing for me to have been educated back then, without knowing it, with the Mexican culture. My role is that of a Puerto Rican in a Mexican environment, because my mother-in-law and my wife are from there. In real life, my best friend and comadre Eva Longoria is of Mexican descent, so this country and I have a precious affinity.”

The tape is a remake of the French engagement bride, follows the life of a movie star, who gets into trouble after a paparazzi catches him with his lover. To keep his wife from finding out, he hires a valet from a Beverly Hills restaurant to pose as her boyfriend.

learned from his peers

Amaury has mainly participated in action projects, such as the series prison break or the movie faster and more furious, had not had many forays into humor. Therefore, this project represented a new professional challenge.

“For me it was educational in terms of gender, because people know me from drama, but comedy is something new. Although I have done it other times, but learning from someone like Eugenio Derbez was spectacular.”

A sad part of this project was not being able to celebrate the premiere together with Carmen Salinas, who also shares credits with him, and despite the short time they lived together, it left a great mark on him.

“That’s my girl who is in heaven taking care of us, what a talent. Between takes we sat down and talked, it hurt me a lot when she left us because of the unexpected thing that happened. I thought more (projects) were coming, but they are going to see something very cute, we do her a lot of honor, and I hope her family and her fans enjoy it, because it was her last movie and she behaved like the great actress she was”.

valet premieres on Star + on May 20. In addition to this release, the actor is about to start filming the third installment of the series hightown.