Amazon Prime: Uncover trailer for the second season of ‘How to Survive Single’

Miami.– The second part of the series ‘How to Survive Single’ It already has a release date and trailer.

The series created by the brothers Sebastian and Emiliano Zurita, It will arrive on April 15 through Prime Video, and in this second season we will follow the adventures of this peculiar and fun group of friends, trying to find love in modern times.

Sebastian pay homage to Juliet, his girlfriend who lost ́, trying to produce the movie from the script he wrote ́ when he was with her.

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How to survive single. Photo: Special

With Natalia, their producing partner, they look for financing, but failing to do so, they decide to turn the story into a theatrical production.

Still hurt by his recent loss, Sebastián decides that he cannot start a new relationship, so he begins to live a disproportionate single life.

The new series will be available on Amazon. Photo: Special

The new season of the series consists of eight episodes and stars Sebastián Zurita (El Juego de las Llaves, The Oath) as Sebastián Ybarra along with a stellar cast in which Tato Alexander (Backdoor, Harina La Serie) returns as Fabiana, Fabrizio Santini (Anchored) as Fish, Roberto Flores (House of Flowers) as Daniel.

How to survive single will have 3 season. Photo: Special.

Lucía Gómez-Robledo (Club de Cuervos) as Mafer, Octavio Hinojosa (Narcos: México) as Gonzo, Pamela Almanza (Rebelde) as Lucía and Marcela Guirado as Natalia (Selena: The Series).

Among the guest stars this season are Faisy (El Complot Mongol, Me Caigo de Risa), the legendary Edgar Vivar (El Chavo del Ocho, Vecinos), Paulina Vega and Vadhir Derbez (On a Trip with the Derbez, El Mesero).

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