Amazon Prime Video reveals cast for new season of Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt

After the success of the first season last year, Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt will soon return to Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform has revealed that a second season will be released in 2022, shot with a brand new cast. During the first episodes, Laure and Florent Manaudou, Squeezie and Seb the fry, Franck Gastambide and Ramzy Bedia, or even Dadju and Darcy had taken part in this great game show.

The concept of Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt Is simple. Celebrity duos are to disappear for 10 days, without a trace, as they are tracked down by a team of cybersecurity experts. All means to find the duos are good: license plates, video surveillance cameras and even sometimes requests to institutions capable of delivering information on the fugitives. Those who manage to stay undetected for 10 days win the competition.

For this second season, Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt welcomes new candidates and not just any. Jenifer and Jarry, Michou and Inoxtag, Fadily Camara and Hakim Jemili as well as McFly and Carlito will form the four duos who will have to sow the teams of experts. In view of the personalities, we can hope for great moments of laughter and suspense.


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