Amber Heard denounces a smear campaign that reduced her performance in ‘Aquaman’ | People | Entertainment

The actress Amber Heard stated on Monday that Warner Bros. reduced his scenes in the film’s sequel Aquaman due to a “defamatory campaign” by the legal team of his ex-partner, Johnny Depp.

“They gave me a script and later they sent me new versions in which, basically, they had limited a large part of my role”Heard said in a court in Fairfax (Virginia, USA), in what was his third day of appearance in the legal battle he has with Depp.

According to the interpreter, the actor’s lawyers are carrying out a “defamatory campaign” against him, labeling her a “liar” before the press to ruin his career, which would have led to the reduction of his role in the film Aquaman and The Last Kingdomwhose premiere is scheduled for 2023.

According to Heard’s story, her screen time throughout the film would ultimately be 10 minutes, despite appearing in the main cast as the superheroine Mera.

In addition, according to the actress, since these “deceptions” about her person were spread, “Communications were interrupted” with the producer.

A situation that supposedly also occurred in 2017, when he obtained a temporary restraining order for Depp, which would have meant losing job opportunities.

“I got fired from jobs and campaigns. I had to fight really hard to keep my job and the biggest movie opportunity I’ve ever had.”, said Heard in reference to Justice Leagueproduced by DC Films.

In the dispute between Depp and Heard, the actor accuses her of defamation for an article she published in the newspaper Washington Post in 2018, after his divorce, in which he claimed to have suffered “domestic abuse”.

Depp demands his ex-partner a financial compensation of 50 million dollars for damages. (I)