Amber Heard: Did she really use movie lines during her testimony?

Amber Heard worries the web with strange gestures. Diagnosed with personality disorders by a court psychologist, the young woman shocks the whole world when she defecates in Johnny Depp’s bed. During their divorce in 2016, the two stars claim not to want to harm each other: “Our relationship was intensely passionate and sometimes volatile, but always bound by love. None of the parties made false accusations for profit. There was never any intent to harm physically or emotionally.”. How ironic to re-read this press release after two high-profile trials!

Amber Heard: Great manipulator?

The young woman regularly comes dressed in the same way as her ex. A strange behavior that disturbs Internet users. Some are afraid to see the young mother, pleading psychiatric problems in order to get out of it. But for now, it’s another detail that marked the canvas. Indeed, during his testimony, the actress repeatedly quote passages from maidof Talented Mr. Ripley or Novel by Mildred Pierce. Amber Heard “He said to me: I’d rather cut my hand than ever lay it on you. “. Mildred Pierce after slapping Veda “I would have preferred to cut my hand. ». For one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, there is no doubt: ” Miss Heard obviously delivered ‘the performance of her life’ during her direct interrogation”.

Amber Heard: Did she really use movie lines during her testimony?
Timonthegram The comparison made famous!

For a journalist, this information must be listened to carefully. Difficult to find these passages during the filmed trial. The young woman, however, selects a passage by commenting: “This tweet is meant to show you what she [Amber Heard] actually said, as well as what was said in the movie, and to let you decide for yourself. Maybe she borrowed a description from the movie to portray Depp as Dickie Greenleaf. Or maybe she doesn’t know what a ‘honeymoon phase’ is.”. But then, who to believe? Great deception to make fun of Heard or testimony in lack of inspiration? To be continued…