Amber Heard Fires Her PR Team Shortly Before Testifying Against Johnny Depp

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES.- Two weeks have passed since the start of the trial for defamation of Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heardwhere the Virginia courts have witnessed long days of strong accusations between both parties.

Within the different hearings, shocking testimonies, chilling details and even the possible participation of personalities such as James Franco and Elon Musk as witnesses in a legal battle that could last several more weeks.

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The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is asking his ex-partner for $50 million in damages after publishing an op-ed in The Washington Post in 2018, while Heard has responded with a counterclaim alleging that launched a smear campaign against him and claims 100 million dollars.

Just hours into the third week of deliberations, Heard, who has yet to testify, shocked everyone by announcing the firing of his public relations team, Precision Strategies.

As it has been known, the actress of “Aquaman” would have made this drastic decision in view of the fact that she is not happy with the headlines that have emerged since the beginning of the trial.

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According to the New York Post, this is due to “a torrent of bad headlines” that would not be telling their story “in an affective way.”

The actress would have made this decision last Thursday, when she also hired Shane Communications, led by the publicist David Shanewho has already faced Johnny Depp in a lawsuit brought by the actor against The Management Group in 2017 for fraud and that culminated in an agreement between both parties.

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