Amber Heard Posts Photos Of Johnny Depp ‘Passed Out’ After Drug Use

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES.- The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to reveal intimate and controversial details of his toxic marriage.

On this occasion it was Heard’s lawyers who showed photographs of the famous hollywood actor “passed out” after alleged drug use.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol by the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has been used by Heard’s defense to discredit the actor and claim that he physically and sexually abused his ex-wife and was too drunk to remember it.

It was then that the defenders of the protagonist of “Aquaman” who posted three images of Depp asleep on a couch with a glass of ice cream spilled on him.

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After showing the photo, one of the lawyers asks: “Is this you passed out from intoxication?”.

Depp responded: “Passed out is an interesting word. I was just asleep”.

In addition, he assured that that day he had worked for more than 17 hours. He claimed that it was his ex-wife who placed the pitcher of ice cream in his hand knowing he was asleep. “That was an interesting photo taken by her”.

Also, he explained: “If you notice, my right hand is in my pocket, so I was not participating in the ice cream feast.”

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In the other two images presented by Heard’s team, they show a table with marijuana and another in which a white powder appears that looks like cocaine, a glass of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes.

Married for two years, the ex-spouses accuse each other of defamation during this widely watched and partially broadcast trial, which stems from an op-ed Heard wrote in 2018.