Amber Heard: She recounts the violent episode between Johnny Depp and a flight attendant!

Amber Heard sees her world gradually collapsing. Big winner of the first trial against Johnny Depp, she does not convince public opinion. The young woman is considered a manipulator in the tabloids. A psychologist even claims that the actress suffers from personality disorders. At the helm, she looks back on a story that has marked her deeply. On board an airplane, everything changes: That’s the first and last time I thought it was a good idea to do drugs with Johnny.. We took MDMA on the plane, which was very stupid. I took one capsule, Johnny took several, I didn’t count. Everything was fine until the stewardess got involved. “. And the worst is yet to come…

Amber Heard: He told him he could break his wrist »

The young lady continues his account of the episode which marked the beginning of the end for his couple. She explains : ” She arrived, (…) Johnny convinced her and she took MDMA with us. (…) She became very tactile with me, she sat down on the armrest of my seat, she was under substance. Johnny took her hand and told her not to touch me. She tried to defend herself, to clarify the situation, and he grabbed her by the wrist, slammed her against the table and told her he could break her wrist. I remember thinking to myself ‘I’ve heard that before’ This stuff happened, it was in cycles. (…) She started to cry, apologized, he let her go and she left. “. Still according to her, Johnny Depp was very jealous of women…

Amber Heard: She recounts the violent episode between Johnny Depp and a flight attendant!
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Bisexual, the actor fears that Amber is cheating on him: “ I don’t remember any violence between Johnny and me on the plane, but I do remember a tension, because I wondered when it was going to turn against me. He was sensitive when it came to women and me, because I had a girlfriend in the past. I was nervous, anxious, and I remember we didn’t say anything until the hotel. Upon arriving in the room, he immediately accused me of having caused what had happened. I denied, I reminded him of the obvious, that he had been given drugs. I tried to defend myself and after a while Johnny pushed me. Violently. I fell on a glass table. (…) I tried to defend myself, to stand up, literally. “. Hard to know who is telling the truth. What do you think ?