“Amber Heard was a nice girl back then”

It was during the recording of a soap opera that Amber Heard decided to visit her Mexican boyfriend Valentino Lanús. By accompanying him on the recordings, the American actress began to make friends with another of the melodrama’s actors, Otto Sirgo.

Lanús and Sirgo were part of the cast of “Amar sinlimites”, a telenovela that at some point stopped its recordings to give the actors a break.

Otto Sirgo took advantage of those days to travel to San Miguel de Allende, where he has a restaurant.

“Amber had come to visit Valentino in Mexico. Valentino and I were recording a telenovela together and one of the main sets was a house in Cocoyoc and while Valentino was recording and I wasn’t, I loved laying on a lounger in the pool to drink the sun, Amber came and did the same and we began to talk and the truth is that we got along very well,” Otto Sirgo told the “Ventaneando” program.

With this background of friendship, when Otto traveled to San Miguel de Allende, the Lanús-Heard couple decided to visit him.

“There was a break in the novel for a vacation or something like that and I went to San Miguel to see Maleni to see how the business was going and they fell for me -Amber Heard and Valentino Lanús-, they fell for me to eat here in the restaurant and there we were”.

Now that Amber Heard is on trial with Johnny Depp, who accuses her of defamation and damage to her image, the actress has been criticized for falling into contradictions.

This image of Heard contrasts with what Sirgo remembers.

“She was a very nice girl, normal, we talked a lot because she was learning a script because she was going to film an episode, I think it was from ‘CSI Miami’ and we talked about it. That she has already made a change now, there I do not understand the reasons, but from what I read about the trial and everything she does, well, she is not the same Amber that I knew. “