Amber Heard worried: she explains how she wanted to protect Lily-Rose Depp from the influence of her father

This Thursday, May 5, Amber Heard spoke during the trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The actress notably mentioned the behavior of the American comedian with regard to her daughter Lily-Rose Depp, whom she claims to have wanted to protect.

Word against word. Since mid-April, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard compete in a highly publicized trial in the USA. The actress accuses her ex-husband of domestic violence, while the star of Pirates of the Caribbean disputes the facts, accusing the young woman of defamation. After the actor’s speech in court in Fairfax, Virginia, it is now Amber Heard’s turn to appear at the bar to give his version of the facts. And this Thursday, May 5, the latter delivered a chilling account of a night of horror, during which Johnny Depp allegedly threatened to disfigure her with a broken bottle, before raping her. Johnny put a bottle in me. And I remember trying to struggle, but I was slipping on the glass. My feet were slipping. I was just trying to breathe to tell him he was really hurting me and he didn’t know what he was doing to meshe said, tears in her eyes.

But Amber Heard also took advantage of the speaking time granted to her to evoke a collateral victim of the behavior of her former companion: the daughter of the latter, Lily Rose Depp, born of his previous love affair with Vanessa Paradis. Indeed, according to the American actress, her daughter-in-law would also have been the victim of the deviations of Johnny Depp. According to her, he would have invited a musician friend much older than the young girl to sleep with her, while the latter had “a weak” for him.

Amber Heard: “I felt protective of Lily-Rose”

Amber Heard also confided that the father of the family would have pushed Lily-Rose Depp to consume cannabis when she was only 14 years old. “I felt protective of Lily-Rose and worried, and of course they weren’t my kids, it’s not my place and I understand that, I know it’s a sensitive subject so I understand why Johnny got so mad at me.”continued Amber Heard, before concluding, in tears: She was so young. “I just felt protective”. For the time being, Lily-Rose Depp did not wish to speak about this trial which reserves its share of surprises day after day.


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