“Amber Heard’s tears were crocodile tears,” says one of the jurors

Amber Heard’s performance during the trial with Johnny Depp was so bad that she could not convince the jury.

This is revealed by one of the members of the jury, whose statements for the “Good Morning America” ​​program have gone viral for revealing something that everyone assumed: Amber was faking or at least exaggerating her feelings and reactions when talking about what she lived with Johnny.

“The crying, the facial expressions that she had, the curiosity about the jury, all of us were very uncomfortable with that.”

Amber Heard lost the trial with Johnny Depp, who accused her of having defamed him in a newspaper article in which the actress claimed that Johnny violated her when they were a couple.

In the article, Amber did not mention Johnny’s name but during the trial, it was shown that she was referring to what she lived with him. One of the aspects that attracted the most attention is that in the media Johnny was seen as the “good guy in the movie” while she came to be perceived as the villain.

In fact, Amber has said that one of the things that bothers her the most is that “the narrative” of the trial in the media was always against her.

But now, the jury reveals that it wasn’t just an outward perception, but inside the courtroom, there was also a sense that Heard wasn’t being entirely honest.

“She would answer a question and start crying but two seconds later she would transform and turn to ice. Some of us use the expression ‘crocodile tears.'”

The concept “crocodile tears” refers to people who pretend to cry for something that does not really affect them, or not to the extent that they say. Its origin is in the biological reaction that crocodiles have after devouring their prey.

“A lot of the jurors felt that what Johnny Depp was saying, at the end of the day, was much more believable,” said the unnamed juror.

“He seemed much more real in terms of how he answered questions. His emotional state was much more stable.”