Amel Bent confides in the difficulties she has encountered since the birth of her son!

Amel Bent has always shown that she has the soul of a fighter. Sometimes, however, she finds herself overwhelmed by events, as she confided recently. Her husband having been condemned by the court to a prison term, she must therefore assume alone the education of her children. At least, until the release of his dear and tender. In any case, it was above all the fact of taking care of her newborn baby since April 4, which was the most trying for her. Which can be completely understood.

Particularly difficult times

Giving birth to a child is the most beautiful thing that is for a woman but for the future, it is a completely different register. Amel Bent as well to confide that she had forgotten how much a baby cried. As a result, he sometimes got angry during the first nights. However, she managed to find her rhythm afterwards, but it was not without a hitch.

Still Amel Bent to confide that the morning was undoubtedly for her the most trying of all. In addition to having to bottle-feed her youngest, she also had to take care of her daughter. Suffice to say that he happened to do both simultaneously. Fortunately, her fans had responded to support her in this particularly difficult ordeal she went through. That’s actually the advantage of being so popular and loved.