Amel Bent her imprisoned husband: she asks for help!

Patrick Antonelli had been sentenced by the court to a 15-month prison term for fraud. The husband of Amel Bent who had been involved in a fake driver’s license case a few years ago. We can say that this verdict fell rather badly insofar as the singer was expecting their third child. Having given birth to a little boy on April 7, 2022, the juror of The Voice therefore saw her darling imprisoned in order to pay his debt to society a month later. A sentence that is likely to be long in view of the latest revelations from Amel Bent at the microphone of Pascal Nègre on RFM on Sunday July 3. The young woman would have, according to her, been obliged to ask for help in order to cope with her difficult daily life.

A difficult situation to manage

Amel Bent as well to declare that she had at the beginning a lot of trouble managing her daily schedule. At the beginning, she had to take care of her newborn in addition to her two daughters. Which was not at all obvious. The pretty brunette had just confided in a previous interview to have had problems due to lack of sleep. You have to believe that it had been a long time since she was used to spending sleepless nights to manage her baby’s insomnia. However, she managed to get over it after some time adapting to this new rhythm of life.

Still Amel Bent to confide that she had finally realized that she couldn’t handle everything on her own. In addition to her career, which she had to take in hand, she also had her two daughters to take care of. They had to be brought back to school, picked up, prepared… So many tasks that fall to a mother. On the other hand, the singer also had her baby whom she loved above all and who took up a lot of her time. The beautiful brunette therefore took a radical decision in complete contradiction to her convictions. The juror of The Voice had declared that she absolutely loved to control everything. So you understand that she was apprehensive about asking her mother-in-law for help.

Amel Bent at the end of the line

A desperate situation, a desperate measure. Being a single mom was not at all easy for Amel Bent who had to give a lot of his own to get by. Fortunately, the singer was still able to count on the unconditional support of the mother of Patrick Antonelli during his absence. It is clear that the two lovebirds have counted every day since his incarceration and only think of one thing, namely the peaceful life they will lead as soon as the father of the family is released.

Patrick Antonelli released from prison

The start of a new life for Patrick Antonelli has been released but has to wear an electronic bracelet. He also received permission to continue working as a sports coach in private practice. Amel Bent became a mother for the third time last April.