Amel Bent: mother of three children, she gives an overview of her daily life

Overwhelmed by her role as a mom, Amel Bent posted an evocative snapshot on June 9 on her Instagram account. An excerpt from his daily life that does not lack humor.

Busy schedule for Amel Bent. The 36-year-old singer is now a mother of three children, and no longer knows where to turn. The one who has just released her latest title, “Lossa“, works full time to take care of her little boy, born on April 4, and her sisters, Sofia – born in 2016 – and Hana – born in 2017. Overworked in the absence of her husband, Patrick Antonelli , imprisoned on May 3 in the Nanterre-Hauts-de-Seine penitentiary, the coach of The Voice posted on June 9 on Instagram a photo that says a lot about his daily life.

No more red carpets, podiums, and recording studios, make way for diapers and above all, baby bottles. This is what the interpreter of “My philosophy” wanted to express in a cliché that does not lack humor: “I can’t I have Bibi“, she wrote in the caption of a selfie where she shows a bottle of milk. Something to reassure its subscribers, who follow it in its bad as in its best moments. The artist revealed in New star in 2004 wanted to share his personal experience with his fans.

Amel Bent overwhelmed: “I had forgotten how babies cried”

In a live offered to Internet users on the same day, Amel Bent opened up about the difficulties she has encountered in the past two months. If she manages to laugh about it today, things have not always been easy: “The first month was a little annoying! I had forgotten how babies cried a lot. I had trouble concentrating, I had special moments, especially in the morning! I had little rushes where I found myself doing my daughter’s hair with one hand, giving my son a bottle with the other...“, she told. And to add: “That’s it ! Thanks to God, he’s starting to do his nights so everything is fine! […]“. The young woman also wanted to thank her subscribers for asking about her family, stating that her three children are doing wonderfully.