Amel Bent, noticed return on stage, two days after the incarceration of her husband



A childbirth and a round trip to the hospital with a newborn, a husband in prison… Despite a personal life rich in emotion, Amel Bent continues to sing with a smile.

For Amel Bent, the expression “The show must go on” takes on its full meaning… Thursday, May 5, the singer made a remarkable comeback on the stage of the Zénith de Strasbourg, during the Top Music Live concert. All smiles, delighted to find her audience, the star did not reveal the personal trials she is going through.

Barely a month ago, Amel Bent gave birth to her third child: a little boy who joins Sofia and Hana (6 and 4 years old), the girls that the singer already had with her husband Patrick Antonelli. As of Thursday, the singer came out of her maternity leave for a concert. Fit in her neon tight dress, she interpreted her titles “My philosophy” and “1, 2, 3” in front of a conquered audience, not far from other guest artists such as Claudio Capeo, La Zarra or Charlie Winston. The young mother did not leave empty-handed, since she received a stuffed stork as a gift that will certainly delight her newborn.

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Amel Bent during the Top Music Live concert in Strasbourg, May 5, 2022.

Amel Bent during the Top Music Live concert in Strasbourg, May 5, 2022.

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The first weeks of this little boy were definitely delicate. On May 3,The Parisian revealed that Patrick Antonelli had been imprisoned in the Nanterre remand center. Amel Bent’s husband was indeed sentenced on March 8 for fraud, but he was able to benefit from a postponement of his incarceration in order to attend the birth of his son. He appealed his 15-month prison sentence and asked for his release, but he is still waiting behind bars.

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From the “Parisian” always, we learned that the infant had to be hospitalized a few days, shortly after his birth. So many ordeals that Amel Bent goes through in private, without showing anything to his fans.