Amélie Mauresmo mom: her children Aaron and Ayla have grown up well, their first tennis training sessions revealed!

Dogs are not cats. That’s certainly what must have been said Amelie Mauresmo when she saw her children Aaron (7) and Ayla (5) hitting their first balls. It must be said that with such a mother, they have something to take. Former world number 1 and winner of 2 Grand Slam tournaments in her career, the 43-year-old former tennis player is one of the very best French women in the history of her sport. Now retired from the courts, she knew how to steer her boat perfectly and after training top-level players, like Andy Murray, she is now director of the Roland-Garros tournament.

A position of responsibility and which must take up a lot of her time, but Amélie Mauresmo nevertheless finds the time to spend quality time with her family. As a couple and mother of two children, she obviously has a goal in mind lately, to pass on her passion for tennis to them. Rather discreet about her private life and rarely sharing photos or videos of her son and daughter, the champion offered a nice gift to her fans on January 22. In her story, the one who is followed by more than 38,000 subscribers published two short videos on which we can see her offering a little personalized training to Aaron and Ayla (which are available in the slideshow).

Aaron and Ayla already very comfortable

On the first, we can see the 7-year-old boy and we hear his mother reassuring him about his level of play. “You know, everyone sucks at the start”, explains Amélie Mauresmo, before Aaron nods. The latter seems to doubt for nothing since he returns the ball perfectly, before it is his little sister’s turn to play with her mother. The former professional player also seems impressed by her daughter’s level of play, not hesitating to encourage her with “Great !” or some “yeah!” as she returns the ball.

Very close to her children, with whom she often shares very good times, Amélie Mauresmo has decided to teach them the basics of tennis, a sport that has changed her life.