Amir dad: he strikes a pose with his son Mikhaël and cracks internet users

Sweet end of the year for Amir. The singer granted himself a few days of rest with his family while waiting for 2023. This Tuesday, December 27, 2022, it was on Instagram that he gave some news to his fans by posting an adorable photo with his eldest son.

Amir is a solar singer. At each of his appearances, it is always with a smile that he gives a sign to the camera, or is about to sing. Communicative benevolence and joie de vivre. Unfortunately, sometimes he does not find the same energies in front of him. This is what happened during his shared moment with Léa on the set of the star Academy. The young woman, she cleared herself of her failed performance with Amir. But the interpreter Celebration did not hold it against him.

It is also in full concert that the singer communicates easily with his audience, as during his moving tribute to Daniel Lévi. A moment out of time, that the ex-candidate of The Voice was quick to share with his community. Many of them remembered a voice that knew how to give you chills. With his community, moreover, Amir never breaks contact. Certainly, he knows how to set a limit to take advantage of his loved ones. However, it is also with pleasure that he shares his daily life – including his daily life dad overwhelmed, even if he found a technique to get by with the bottles.

“You are a great dad”, Amir complimented by internet users

Like many people at the moment, Amir is on vacation, and he has a good time with his little family. It is a happy dad, who welcomed his second baby this summer. To celebrate these end of year celebrations, it is in the Dominican Republic that the singer and his relatives are resting. This Tuesday, December 27, 2022, it is all smiles that he posed with his eldest son, Mikhaël, aged three today. A snapshot posted on his Instagram account. The little boy sits proudly on his shoulders. To accompany this photo, a very simple legend that exudes happiness: “In the true“.

It didn’t take more for crack internet users, including the rapper Black Mwho addressed a few hearts under the photo: “Too handsome. you are a wonderful dad“, “Such a precious moment, enjoy with your family“, “wow! So cute ! It’s wonderful to have pictures like thisrest well“, “Finally someone who lives in real life, no tricks, someone real“, “True happiness, the most precious!“, “Too happy for you“. Nice messages that will also give him energy to start 2023!