Amira Pocher bursts because of allegations of bullying against Oli

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Amira Pocher bursts because of allegations of bullying against Oli
Amira Pocher defends her husband in her joint podcast with Oliver Pocher (photomontage) © Rolf Vennenbernd/Moritz Frankenberg/dpa

Oli Pocher is known for not mincing his words. For some, however, his jokes border on bullying. His wife Amira sees things very differently.

Cologne – These two stick together: Despite numerous fans, Amira and Oliver Pocher have often had to take harsh criticism. Above all, the jokes that the comedian sometimes makes about others are not only a bone of contention, but are even perceived by some as bullying. As Amira now puts it in clear words in her podcast, she cannot understand it at all.

Oliver Pocher is primarily targeting influencers with his “screen control”.

For a long time now, Oliver Pocher has been regularly at the start with his “screen control” on Instagram. As part of this format he created, the prankster mainly talks about the glamorously staged, maybe a little profane life of some influencers. Sometimes, however, the comedian seems to take things too far.

Because by no means everyone can laugh about it when the German prankster presents others in his typically sharp-tongued manner on the Internet. Some find Pocher’s “screen control” and his jokes not only tasteless, but also condemn them particularly harshly. Oli’s wife Amira has a completely different opinion on this.

Amira Pocher is so unequivocal about the allegations of bullying against her husband

“Then comes this shit bullying card,” she annoys in her podcast “Die Pochers hier!” about the allegations against her husband Oliver. “I could puke out of the balcony if I hear that again!” The 29-year-old chooses clear words in her anger and explains: “Calling someone a frying pan is not the same as banging your head down the toilet or beating someone up at school for months. You just can’t equate that.”

In addition, Amira continues, the stars that Oliver takes on for his jokes often have more reach than she and her husband together, which is why they can defend themselves well at any time. Some Internet celebrities would have even benefited from his jokes, Oli also comments on the allegations of bullying against him. The Pochers also encounter inconveniences elsewhere – Amira shouted at the driver during a holiday trip. Source used: Podcast “The Pochers here!”