Amira Pocher: Emotional testimony in court – “No more quiet night”

The shock was great when Amira (30) and Oliver Pocher (44) came home from an event in January 2022: someone had broken into their house! But what was even worse to cope with: During the burglary, her two young sons (then 1 and 2) were in the house, together with the nanny, Amira’s brother and a friend. In the trial against the burglar, Amira said according to “” how she had been shaken by the event.

Amira Pocher admits: She has been afraid since the burglary

Visibly excited and moved, Amira Pocher described the consequences of the burglary for her: “I haven’t had a quiet night since then!” She doesn’t care about the stolen items, emphasized the mother of two: “But the fear is bad.” The burglar has to go to prison for a year and a half for his crime.

Amira testifies in the trial against the burglar: “Jewelry boxes open on the bed”

The perpetrator himself had testified that he had accidentally passed the house and discovered an open window. Then he got into the house through the garage. In the bathroom he discovered a watch and a chain. He grabbed both and was quickly out again, the burglar said. He heard no one in the house itself.

But at this point in time, the Pochers’ two little sons were getting ready for bed, as Amira emphasized in her statement. She and her husband then came home around 10 p.m. “I then saw that my jewelry was not there in the bathroom. And there were open jewelry boxes on the bed,” Amira recalled. Then she asked her husband what he had done with her jewelry. Then the certainty: a watch worth 35,000 euros, Cartier earrings and a chain were stolen.

Oliver Pocher’s wife: “Every sound makes my heart race”

She doesn’t care about the objects anymore, Amira emphasized. But she hasn’t felt safe since then: “I’m in a huge panic. I get a racing heart with every sound.” So cameras were installed everywhere.

She was relieved, Amira continued, that it wasn’t her own house and the burglar didn’t know where she and her family really lived. Luckily, her children would not have noticed the burglary.

The crime took place in the house of Oliver Pocher’s friend Pietro Lombardi (30), where the family lived for a short time after their home was damaged by the flood disaster. In March, the family returned early to the old house, although not all traces of the flood had been removed: “We didn’t want to stay there after the burglary,” Amira Pocher clarified.