Amira Pocher has tattoos removed with a laser

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Amira Pocher has tattoos removed with a laser
Amira Pocher has her tattoos lasered © Instagram: amirapocher

Amira Pocher has a painful appointment ahead of him. The presenter would like to have some of her tattoos lasered away. She just doesn’t want the pain at all.

Cologne – Amira Pocher (29) is not only a moderator and podcaster, but also very active on Instagram. She takes her more than 981,000 followers with her every day and shares private insights from her life. In her latest Instagram story, her community is allowed to accompany her to an extremely painful appointment.

Amira Pocher would like to part with her tattoos

“I’m so excited,” Amira admits frankly. Because comedian Oliver Pocher’s wife has some of her tattoos removed in Bochum. Four years ago she started to have the unloved body jewelry removed. But because of two pregnancies and subsequent breastfeeding, she had to interrupt the procedure.

“Now I’ll continue,” explains Amira – even if it is “very painful”. “Laser is 10 times as bad as tattooing itself,” the 29-year-old is convinced and even goes one better: “If not even 20 times. It’s like burning!”

Amira Pocher has tattoos on her ankle removed with a laser.

Among other things, three stars on Amira’s ankle have to believe in it. Ouch! She screamed that the treatment had hurt her so much, Amira later said. Only then was she asked if she wanted an injection for the pain. The presenter gladly accepted it.

She had just surprised her with a confession about husband Oliver. Amira Pocher met him on Tinder. Sources used: